Review: Copar’s Hammam Savon Noir

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A paste-like soap that moisturises and exfoliates. savon noirSavon noir (black soap) is a traditional Moroccan product that is gel-textured and comes in a jar – you dib into it with your fingers and hook out a dollop in order to use it.

Entirely based on natural organic ingredients, this version by Copar also contains rose oil. It whips up into a thick and creamy lather and the idea is that you should apply it generously all over your body, leave for five minutes or so to soften your dead skin, massage in with a loofah mitt and then rinse.

I found this product gentle enough even to use on my face, and it also makes a perfect shaving gel for your legs. It rinses off very completely and leaves your skin so soft you don’t need a body lotion afterwards.

I came across Copar’s Savon Noir in a local shop called Noz, which sells ends of lines and closeouts. The normal price of 7.50-9.50 euros was reduced to 2.50 and once I’d sampled the product, I liked it so much that I went back and bought all the remaining jars, so I now have five.

However, although I love it, I should warn that one of my testers described it as smelling ‘like meat’. I kind of know what he means, as real rose petals do indeed have a somewhat fleshly smell. To me, however, this soap smells natural, and authentically of the Turkish baths I used to visit in the East End.

Checking on Copar’s website, I can no longer find the soap in Rose (perhaps this is why it was available in Noz) but it is still available in Natural, Eucalyptus (sounds yummy) and with Dead Sea Salt from

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