Rain, rain, go away

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Into each life some rain must fall. But too much is falling in mine.

salonJust the quickest of blogs before I get back to subbing – oh the joy – to say that I am TOTALLY FUCKING FED UP with the endless rain.

Really, I have had enough now. Please stop.

I know it was the dryest spring in Normandy since records began, and that we had unbroken sunshine and high temperatures throughout April, which is unheard-of. But it has now rained every day, I think, for a month.

July must be one of the wettest on record by now – all over French websites there are postings about the été triste and people are sending in pictures of deserted beaches, washed-out picnics and empty Paris parks. Every day starts with darkness and heavy, forbidding skies that make you just want to curl up under the duvet, and yesterday’s brief flurry of sunshine – the first in seemingly ages – was only enough to lower your guard, ready for today’s near-total cloud cover. It’s like a bleeding sauna out there.

There is a saying in Normandy that July has two good weeks and two bad weeks, but it is going to have to get its skates on if we’re to get even a few days of good at this rate (and there’s no sign of anything but more rain in the forecast). We’ve been reluctant to go out all month because it just meant getting soaked and we are now all going a bit stir crazy in our isolated country hamlets. 

I told you so, my mate G would doubtlessly say. He worked out back in June that we had already had 90 sunny days in Normandy this year, when we normally only get 120 sunny days annually. ‘Summer’s over," he gloomily told me a week or two ago, and so far, it looks like he’s right. August had better make up for this, it really had, because the nights are already starting to draw in. 

It has made me realise afresh that I have GOT to fettle this house a bit and get some more light in here. Each summer, I give up our south window to a massive jasmine plant, which I only cut back once it’s finished flowering. Normally, the heady scent seems fair exchange for lower light levels, but this year, it’s been so cold (eight degrees some mornings! – in July!!) that the scent has remained firmly outside, and I’ve been working in this living room plunged in darkness all day (the pic shows this room on a brilliantly bright day, but note that the lights are still on…). 

There are only four tiny windows and a glass door in this 70sqm room and much of the light is swallowed by the 2ft-thick windows, but I am resolved – a new coat of white white white paint; gloss around the doors and windows; plantlife outside cut hard back below the sills and sides. I’d love white covers on the sofa etc but even the blue we have is decimated by the animals, who never wipe their feet, so blue it will have to be. And ultimately, I still haven’t given up on the idea of a white ceramic floor instead of this awful terracotta (everyone who comes in here loves this terracotta floor except me, because they don’t have to clean it…). 

Oh well, rant over. Maybe tomorrow the sun will shine and my mood will improve…



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