Let’s hope Murdoch’s next for the high jump

I would really love to see this end with Rupert Murdoch banged up.

So, another one bites the dust in the News of the World hacking scandal. Events are moving so quickly on this that it’s getting hard to keep up.

But comparisons to Watergate really did begin to ring bells a few days ago. If this carries on, it could easily result in a vote of no confidence and bring down the Government. Which would be a very good thing, frankly – it’s not as if they have a mandate.

I simply love the idea that Paul Stevenson had absolutely no problem accepting £12,000-worth of free hospitality from Champney’s, in what the rest of us can see is a prize bung. What a knobhead.

And from what a hacker friend tells me, every daily freelance at the News of the World has been hacking into phone messages for YEARS. How far will the ripples spread, I wonder?

As for the demise of the NoW, personally, I’m glad to see it go, though obviously sorry for the ordinary staffers, many of whom are back-roomers, art editors, production controllers, etc, who have never doorstepped a grieving widow in their lives. 

I am also proud to say that I’ve never bought the paper. Nor have I ever read more than clippings – I’ve never read it all the way through. (Though it’s been part of my job for many years to scan through the ALL papers each morning so unfortunately, I have continued to be aware of its presence, along with its sister filth, The Sun and that once-great newspaper, The Times.)

Part of the reason I hate it and all it stands for is that it is offensive rubbish, and part of it is professional pride – as a journalist, I detest being tarred with the same brush as this lot. So-called journalists who work for so-called newspapers only make it harder for the rest of us to do our job.

But also it’s because I hate Murdoch for what he did in Wapping back in the 1980s. At that time, I bought the Sunday Times every week and it was my goal to one day work for the Insight team. But when he bought the Times newspapers, I cancelled my subscription and have never read the paper again.

For the same reasons, I do not subscribe to Sky, because I will not willingly put a single penny in the coffers of this ghastly man and his lying, mendacious, right-wing empire. 

If any head is going to roll in this whole sorry mess, I seriously hope it ends up being Murdoch’s, because it’s all very well hanging the concentration camp guards, but it’s the top-brass Nazis that really deserve the gallows. 


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