To see ourselves as others see us

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Vicky Ward is a woman with absolutely no sense of perspective.

I found SUCH a strange article on the Daily Mail site the other day.

First of all, I have no idea who Vicky Ward is, nor why I should care what she thinks, but she struck me as a woman who has absolutely no sense of perspective. How self-obsessed can one person BE, exactly?

She shows a perfectly nice picture of a happy young woman in a pretty wedding dress on her wedding day and decries her (former) self as fat, frumpy, ugly. No she wasn’t – she looked perfectly nice. Really. The dress is lovely – low neck, tight on her neat bust, crisp silk fabric. I think what she really has a problem with is the man on her arm. 

Vicky Ward is a woman who clearly has a problem with herself. Herself as she is now – in 6in stilettos, bleach blonde and a skimpy little frock that’s far too young for her – is a creation she’s spent many years creating. 

But one wonders why. And what kind of person she might have become if she had worked on her personality instead of turning herself into a teenage boy’s idea of what a woman should look like. 

The Daily Mail is full of this sort of crap lately – not that it’s ever been anything other than a filth rag of an excuse for a newspaper anyway. But it used to be faintly readable on the Femail pages. Lately, though, I pick up a lot of pro-surgery, pro-Botox, pro-putting-women-back-in-a-Barbie-box articles that I feel must come from the (male) suits up on high. Gone is the lovely size 14 Alexandra Shulman, for instance, but the skinny size-8 body-dysmorphic Liz Jones remains. 

Still, at least Vicky Ward’s readers retain a sense of perspective. I particularly loved this comment:

"Please no more articles about this vacuous waste of energy, I am so bored of it already and by the looks of the comments here, other people are too! Someone needs to sit her down and make it clear that, having overhauled her NORMAL body and replaced it what something she clearly considers as better, her husband RAN OFF with someone else! He married her in 1997 for her, and oops she turned into a high-maintenance NYC lady who lunches – nice to look at but perhaps not someone you’d want to share your life with. What a result… at least she’ll never be lonely with her fake body and fake friends and fake lifestyles. If she had no money to maintain this facade, would her "friends" and admirers love her for herself? Umm, wouldn’t think so from the article content."

Couldn’t have put it better myself.  



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