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A deliciously light eye cream that is great for daytime use.

AbsolutionAbsolution is a French niche organic cosmetics manufacturer that only started up last year and as yet has only a handful of products.

The firm’s eye cream, Soin Regard, most unusually comes in a tall, black pump dispenser about the size of a lipstick, rather than in a pot. Like all Absolution products, the outer packaging is recycled card in a black and cream colourway is because the whole range is unisex.

Press the pump gently or you’ll dispense too much product, which, however, makes a very good lip cream, so you can always use up the excess that way.

Soin Regard contains a veritable cocktail of soothing, smoothing and firming ingredients, including blue lotus to fight glycation (which destroys collagen and elastin); green coffee to drain under-eye bags; helichrysum for hydration; tourmaline to boost circulation; green algae to redensify connective tissue and mica to make wrinkles appear less dense. It also contains aloe vera, jojoba, argan oil, calendula, acerola berries and hyaluronique acid. Phew.

The first thing you notice about the product is its rather unpleasant colour – a kind of  nasty cream, with a see-through quality that frankly looks like snot. But don’t be put off. The colour is simply because it contains no whiteners, and the slippery texture is extremely light and pleasant to use on your eyes. It also smells beautiful.  It absorbs in seconds, leaving the eye area matte and ready for makeup.

I now use this product as my daytime eye cream because of its light texture, reserving another, heavier one for night-time. Does it work? I don’t know.  I don’t, in all honesty, have many issues with my eyes – no bags or dark circles – and I don’t care about laugh lines. But it certainly falls into the category of delightful to use.

Absolution Soin Regard costs 34 euros and is available from the firm’s website, Be warned – the website is award-winning but it is very flashy and heavy on your broadband speed.

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