Review: OLC Sérum cell + régénerant

Organic Luxury Cosmetics aims to blend the high end with the organic.

OLCOLC (Organic Luxury Cosmetics) is a small French company that aims to marry the twin markets of organic cosmetics and the high end.

One reason is that the French do like their posh cosmetics and they don’t want to give up products that work simply in order to save the planet. This is one reason for the relatively poor uptake of organic cosmetic products in France, compared with other European countries. 

OLC produces a niche range of skincare products for the face and body, which are packaged in jet-black glass with gold tops, giving a real feel of sophistication to your bathroom shelf.

The picture shown is of the firm’s eye product but the product I actually tried was the firm’s Cell+ Regeneration Serum (English title), which claims to stimulate collagen production and promote cell regeneration. It containd plantago, beech bud extract and cardoon thistle, and is enriched with hyaluronic acid and wheat proteins for added hydration, lavender water and sandalwood oil, which has an age-old reputation for aiding ageing, dry and flaking skin. 

The serum comes in a dropper bottle and is very thin and watery in texture, creamy in colour and smells slightly unpleasant and vegetably. This is because it has no added perfume, something that we generally take for granted in skincare products. It dries to a light and non-sticky texture and you can quickly apply your moisturiser on top, as you want from a serum. 

With something so plain and unadorned, what you really want to know is, does it do any good, and the answer here is that it does. I use this serum at night (for day, I am using a serum by Pomarium) and each day, when I wet my face, I can feel how extremely protected my skin is. Since using it, I have never had any tightness or flaking in my skin in the morning, and I do feel that my skin is looking plumper and healthier. 

OLC’s Cell+ Regenerating Serrum costs 74 euros from the firm’s Paris store. For further details, visit


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