Review: Cébélia Dépigmentant Renforcé

The best skin cream I’ve ever used.

CebeliaCébélia is a niche French range that targets a very particular group of users – people who need topical skincare following minor plastic surgery techniques such as dermabrasion in order to either minimise side effects or maximise results. Its products are also suitable for those with ageing or very dry skin, or those with sensitive, reactive skin, as they are non-allergenic.

The firm was founded by a woman named Carole Foussé, who quit her job after 15 years in the laboratories at L’Oréal to set up her own lab, Les Laboratoires d’Anjou, in order to produce Cébélia. She chose the name Anjou not because the labs are based there, but because it is the region of France where people traditionally live the longest. 

The seven-product Cébélia range consists of soap, makeup remover, hand cream, body cream, Baume LCE for bruises and scars, foundation sticks, and a new addition, Dépigmentant renforcé age-spot remover (40 euros), which claims to remove age spots from the face and hands.

I have been trying this final product, which the company sent to me. I don’t have any age spots, so I have no idea how well it works on these, but what I can say is that it’s among the best skin creams I’ve ever used.

Each night I use it on the backs of my hands, which look far older than my face, due to years of abuse, and in the morning, they look much smoother and silkier. When I wash my hands, I can feel the layer of protection on there, and if my facial skin feels at all dry, I pop the cream on under my moisturiser for instant smoothness. 

The active ingredients in Dépigmentant Renforcé are a patented depigmenting agent called Pekaline, with vitamins PP and C. This acts on three key levels of melanin action, says the firm, reducing spotting. It also contains glycolic acid, which promotes the elimination of existing blemishes and accelerates the action of the other agents.

Cébélia is sold via pharamacies, with pricing set by individual outlet, but ranging from eight euros for a hand cream to 40 euros for the Dépigmentant renforcé. The products can also be bought direct from the website,


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