Obama puts on the bling

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Michelle Obama looked as immaculate as ever on her trip to the UK.

It was fun to see that Michelle Obama opted for costume jewellery when receiving her royal Madgeness for dinner last night. When your principal guest has access to half the national debt in her jewelbox, there’s no way you can compete, so Obama chose an asymmetric necklace and cuff by Tom Bins to go with her off-the-shoulder black dress – a great showcase for her strong arms and shoulders. Queenie, meanwhile, was keeping up her newly elegant look of recent years in a white sequinned long-sleeved sheath by Angela Kelly, teamed with a stack of emeralds.

Obama, as usual, has been watched like a hawk by the fashionistas on her recent visit to the UK. Yesterday, she wore an Alexander McQueen tunic and belt over black pants, at Oxford to encourage girls into tertiary education. Hopefully, Obama’s modest start in life, like that of her husband’s, will encourage people to feel that they can at least attempt to get somewhere with their lives – a very different lesson from the British Cabinet, stuffed full as it is with privileged old Etonians. 

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