Review: Pomarium Crème Jeunesse Oncteuse and Sérum Elixir Concentré

Pomarium’s range based on orchard fruits have the most delicious smell of any skincare products.

Creme Jeunesse OncteuseFrench natural cosmetics firm Pomarium is one of those niche brands in which France (fortunately) abounds. The firm’s founder, Fanny Marouani, is a biologist and nutritionist who is passionate about ecology. All the products are based on orchard fruits, principally apples, and use anti-oxidant apple polyphenols, anti-wrinkling beech buds, soothing oats and plumping hyaluronic acid as their active ingredients.

They are also all Ecocert-certified as being natural and consisting mainly of organic ingredients; the apples are all of European origin; and the products are even perfumed with natural scents developed in France’s perfumery centre, Grasse. They also contain no parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicon or chemical preservatives. 

At the moment, the range is small, with all products based on apples, but the aim in the future is to roll out items based on other orchard fruits such as apricot, peach, plum, quince, mirabelle, cherry, almond, chestnut, Sharon fruit and pear. 

I have been testing the firm’s new Crème Jeunesse Onctueuse (Smooth Youth Cream – 58 euros for 50ml) and its flagship prouduct, Sérum Elixir Concentré (Concentrated Serum Elixir, 68 euros). The other products in the range are Gommage Régenerant Gourmand (Regenerating Gourmand Scrub – 38 euros), which contains apple fibres, rice powder and sugar; Gelée Démaquillante Polysensorielle (Multisensorial Makeup Removing Gel, 21 euros), which changes consistency from a gel to an oil to a milk on your skin and contains apple seed oil and apple water extract; and Huile Légère Originelle (Original Light Body Oil, 30 euros) with apple-seed oil, sesame and apricot kernel oil.

It is a given for me that any regular routine of gentle cleansing and moisturising will show benefits, no matter what you use, so skincare products should do one of two things: either feel and smell so wonderful that they’re a pleasure to use, or be so high-tech that you can convince yourself you’re really doing some good. 

Here, we have one of each. 

SerumThe Sérum Elixir Concentré is an award-winning product that contains apple polyphenols, beech buds, oats and hyaluronic acid and comes in a glass dropper bottle with a slightly frosted finish, so you feel like you’re conducting a scientific experiment on yourself. It is, somewhat surprisingly, dark brown – exactly the colour of oxidised apples, and with an appley smell – and slips onto your skin and disappears quickly, leaving it ready for moisturiser. This makes it an ideal serum to use during the day as it’s completely non-greasy and smooth.

Crème Jeunesse Onctueuse contains apple polyphenols, beech buds, hyaluronic acid to restore skin volume, oats and light-reflecting pigments to give your skin a glow. It comes in a glass pot reminiscent of L’Oréal products, and the first thing that strikes you when you open it is the absolutely delicious smell – it smells like the appleiest, greenest, tastiest yoghurt in the world. I would seriously keep this out of the reach of small children as it really does smell good enough to eat. It also has a beautiful texture – like whipped cream. It’s recommended for both day and night use, but I’ve mostly been using it during the day, and it does leave your skin feeling beautifully soft and smooth. The best thing about it, though, is the smell – if this came as a perfume I would buy it. 

I can’t honestly say if either of these products ‘works’, in terms of their anti-ageing properties, but I can say that they are very pleasant to use, don’t sting or itch and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. 

Pomarium products are available from and you can find out more about the products via the firm’s series of blogs:,  and

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