Review: Decléor Excellence de l’Âge – Crème de Nuit Sublime Redensifiante

This night cream feels like angels’ wings on your face.

DecleorHigh-end French skincare company Decléor sent me some skincare products to try a few months ago. 

Decléor is best known for its aromatherapy products and produces several anti-ageing ranges. They are in the higher price bands, often due to the use of expensive ingredients such as essential oils of rose and neroli – both very good for ageing skin – and ‘concrete’ of iris, which is possibly the most expensive cosmetics ingredient in the world.

The first item I tried was a night cream – Excellence de l’Âge Crème de Nuit Sublime Redensifiante, which at a cost of 105.50 euros for 50ml, is well out of my normal L’Oréal-type price range. This cream comes in a glass jar, as you would expect at this price, and it goes a very long way – I’ve been using it every night for over four months and I’m still only two thirds of the way down the jar. It also smells absolutely delicious and has the most delightful feel on the skin I’ve ever come across in a cosmetics product. 

The cream contains extracts of ‘aurône’ and ‘padine’, whatever they are, daisy extract, inchi oil, quinoa oil, essential oil and bark extract of magnolia, and a cocktail of four essential oils: iris, incense, immortelle and camomile. These latter oils are all well known as highly effective for ageing skin, and – incidentally – are all more usually used as ingredients in expensive perfumes. The smell is also designed to help you sleep, since sleep is – after all – an important factor in ageing skin.

SerumDecléor coupled the night cream with a serum, Aromessence Excellence Sérum Ultra-Régénérant (79 euros), a concentrated mix of essential oils, including neroli and iris. Again, it smells utterly delicious. You apply a couple of drops to damp skin each night, under the night cream, and massage it into your face and neck.

Since using this serum/cream combination each night, my skin has definitely plumped right up and feels very healthy and nourished. Whether I look younger, I don’t know, because I don’t know how I’d look without it, but at Christmas, a complete stranger at a dinner table described my complexion as ‘glowing’.

Neither cream nor serum has led to any reddening or irritation of my skin, which is a common problem I find with skincare products, and even now, in mid-March, I am not yet getting my usual season-change rosacea. 

I’m going to give these products 4.5 out of 5 and the only reason for the loss of half a star is the price, which puts them out of many people’s price range, though much of this cost is due to the use of very expensive ingredients. 

If your means are more modest, you could still try an oil-based serum/night cream combination but using cheaper products  – something like Vitamin E capsules and the Body Shop’s excellent Vitamin E cream would probably work very well. 

Decléor products are available from Sephora.


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