Longer skirts are coming in – get them while they’re good

This summer might just be the season that’s it’s easy to find a frock.

The new ‘longer’ skirt length was spotted on the Balenciaga catwalk yet again during Paris fashion week (see Guardian piece here) and it’s something that the over-40s babe should take note of.

It’s not, of course, what normal people like you or I would call a long skirt, but it is below knee length, and as anyone who’s tried to buy a dress in the past five years or so will know, a decent-length skirt has been something that’s been hard to come by.

There have been hundreds of beautiful dresses that I thought looked promising at first sight, only to discover that they barely consititute a pussy pelmet. I have never worn short skirts, and even if I had, I’m long since past the wise age to do so. 

So, I would say, this spring through autumn, keep your eyes peeled, and when dresses begin to appear that are long enough to cover a girl’s modesty, snap them up. God knows, fashion is a fickle beast and you never know when once again that hemline will desert you for the more coltish-limbed. 

For dateless appeal, sleeveless is usually best (nothing dates quicker than a shoulder line) and for maximum usefulness choose a v neck or scoop neck that reveals your collar bones. Black, obviously, but also useful shades like navy, beige, camel and taupe, along with white if you live a white life (I don’t), and any other shade you find becoming to your colouring, especially red, if this year’s red suits you. Reds are the most irritating of fashion colours and it can be 10 years before your favourite shade comes round again.


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