Korean firm launches new skincare range

NovoStrata is a comprehensive new skincare range that protects the skin with a layer of BioCollagen.

NovoStrataNovoStrata is a new rejuvenation skincare system that is said to be clinically proven to rebuild skin cells and leave skin looking younger.

It has taken 15 years research for developers Regenerative Medical System (RMS), a Korean medical bio-engineering company, to develop the collagen-based anti-ageing range.

RMS says its very high grade BioCollagen works on three levels:

* it rejuvenates the elasticity of individual cells and improves fine lines by stimulating skin cells to produce their own collagen and elastin.

* it creates a new skin layer similar to human skin on the epidermis with pure atelocollagen to hydrate skin and stop the loss of hyaluronic acid.

* the Bio-Skin layer protects the skin from external stimuli or stress all day long. 

The result, says the firm, is gorgeously soft, deeply hydrated, more youthful looking skin.

The range is very comprehensive and consists of:

Regeneration Essence – an anti-wrinkle formula that fuses enriched BioCollagen essence and pure collagen.  £40 50ml.

Regeneration Toner – an ultra-hydro BioCollagen toner. £29 130ml.

Regeneration Emulsion – a quick-absorbing balanced moisturising emulsion, which utilises liquid crystal liposomes to leave skin clearer and more vibrant.  £32 130ml.

Regeneration Cream – an intensive BioCollagen firming effect cream that helps wrinkle reduction and restores elasticity while defending against premature ageing.  £35 50ml.

Regeneration Eye Cream – a hydro-conditioning eye cream to provide concentrated hydration and immediate lifting effect around the eye contour area.  £35 15ml.

Regeneration Gel – a BioCollagen regeneration gel that promotes collagen formation and supplies water to the skin while inducing natural regeneration by creating a breathable bio skin layer. £25 50ml.

Regeneration BioCollagen Cleansing Cream.  £22 180ml.

Regeneration BioCollagen Foaming Cleanser.  £22 180ml.

BioCollagen Facial Hydrogel Mask – a cooling mask formulated to help reduce wrinkles, fine lines and enhance the elasticity of the skin.  £45 Set of 5 masks.

BioCollagen Anti-Stretch Mark Cream Mom.  £24.50 150ml.

BioCollagen Moisturising Cream Kids – a high-moisturising cream formulated specifically for babies and children using natural ingredients, including BioCollagen, ceramide and Nano-liposome technology. £24.50 150ml.

Dual Effect Sun Block – a double UV block agent that blocks harmful UV and external environment damage and protects the skin with a new skin layer of BioCollagen.  £20 150ml. 

All available from www.novostrata.co.uk. Reviews to follow.


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