Review – Yves Rocher waterproof eyeliners

Smudge-proof and creamy.

Yves Rocher crayonsYves Rocher has launched a new makeup line called Colorama, including a number of cream eyeliners.

They contain chamomile extract and almond protein and have high levels of pigmentation, and bcause the consistency is so soft, they come in a handy winder design because they can’t be sharpened.

Colours include black, copper, navy, turquoise and bright blue, but I gave away all but the copper and black, as I am past the age of coloured pencils.

I was impressed with these pencils – the colours are strong, there’s no drag on the eye, and they are indeed truly waterproof. Once on, they can’t be budged except with a waterproof remover, but they can easily be blended before they set, to give a very soft effect.

At 9.90 euros, they are quite pricey, and there’s not much of them – just over an inch or so of product – but that should help prevent eye infections and at least you’ll never take off the lid and find the thing needs sharpening.

Yves Rocher colour pencils are available online and from Yves Rocher’s own shops.  

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