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O2D-Biotic aims to encourage the right flora on your skin.

product shotI was sent a new range of skincare to try out a month or so ago – O2D-Biotic, by ID-Beauty.

You could be forgiven for never having heard of ID-Beauty if you don’t work in the industry. I didn’t know them either, but they are one of those major back-room players that handles makes you’ll be more familiar with, such as Coty perfumes. They also produce skincare ranges which are rebadged by others and are now branching out into own-label ranges. 

The O2D-Biotic range is a new concept in skincare and is based on ‘yoghurt ferments’ – kind of like acidophilus for your skin. Working on the same principle as acidophilus for your gut, the idea is that the ferments help to restore your natural skin flora.

I tried the cleansing milk, the eye cream and the day cream, all of which are white, scentless and free of parabens and other preservatives.

The cleanser is thin and mllky, like Simple cleansing milk. It removes makeup very well, with no rubbing, and leaves the skin feeling beautifully clean.

The day cream seemed, for my tastes, to be too light at first – I normally prefer a heavier cream – but I must admit that after about three weeks I noticed a big improvement in my skin, which seemed more healthy and glowing, and although it’s a thin cream, it moisturised my skin very well.

The eye cream, I’m still using, as a little goes a very long way and I only use it at night. Again, like the whole range, it is white, scentless, and does a fine job – my eyes look a lot less tired for using it, but it doesn’t get greasy and run into your eyes, which is a problem with many eye creams. 

O2D-Biotic is a mid-priced range, available from Sephora, and costs 14.90 euros for the cleanser, 22.90 for the eye cream and 26.90 for the day cream.

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