Women of influence – Patti Smith

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Sincere, genuine, and an artist of substance.

There’s a lovely interview here with the wonderful Patti Smith.

An icon to most of us of a certain age, Smith is one of those rare people who seem to have remained entirely true to themselves. She seems hardly to notice her prodigious talent, and was quite happy to give up her career and concentrate on her family for over a decade when that became her focus. Overly political, she turned down large amounts of money so that she could say what she wanted to say and be who she needed to be. 

"If somebody said I’ll give you a million dollars, but you have to go against your own grain, you just have to do what I say – it would take me one second. I’ve never been tortured by something like that. Tormented more about what line to use in a poem, or the right word to use in a sentence. All I’ve ever wanted, since I was a child, was to do something wonderful."

How could you not love someone with that much integrity?

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