Trends to avoid – sleeveless jackets

This ghastly garment should be avoided by anyone with breasts.

Sleeveless jacketSadly, the sleeveless jacket is one of the key trends for this coming spring/summer season.

By sleeveless jacket, I don’t mean the fleece gilet or puffer type, which at least has the merit of being practical. I mean the blazer or safari type that is long and tailored, with pockets, and often a belt.

It was with a sinking heart that I saw this horrible vestment reappear in the collections. It even makes a 6ft model with coathanger shoulders look frumpy, and on a normal-shaped woman, it’s generally just a disaster. The pockets draw attention to an over-large bust and/or hips, and the lack of sleeves and tight armhole draw attention to the slightest bingo wing. It is, at heart, a very mannish garment.

If you DO want to follow this trend, and I seriously suggest you don’t unless you’re tall, thin, flat-chested and angular, then you could think about a waistcoat instead. The key thing about a waistcoat is that it’s much more softly tailored than a jacket because it’s structured as a middle-layer garment, not an overgarment.

For the best bet, keep it simple, v-necked, in a knit or a fluid woven and avoid unnecessary extras like pocket flaps, and wear it open, over a softly tailored blouse or smock, so that it provides a narrow, slimming line.

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