One dress, many views

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All the women in this article are a size 12, but Lord how so many of them have a downer on themselves.

I chanced upon an article in Femail the other day. I’m not given to reading the Daily Mail, which is a scurrilous rag, and the Femail pages are some of the worst, but this, for once, was quite interesting – half a dozen women all dressed in the same size 12 dress. The said dress looks very different from one to another but charming on all of them.

It is depressing, though, to see what a poor body image most of the women have. Only the tallest two, one of whom has lost a great deal of weight recently, seem to feel good about themselves – everybody else wants less weight, more height, smaller boobs or somesuch. Subconsciously, of course, they are comparing themselves with models, who are the rarest of all body types. 

Interestingly, too, although many of them admit to being admired by men, this evidently cuts no ice compared with what other women might think of them. The bustier gals get more male attention, and this isn’t something they seek. 

Something is clearly rotten in the state of Denmark, when so many perfectly nice-looking women can’t actually see themselves as they really are – the current media obsession with thinness, and the advertising industry sure have a lot to answer for. 

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