Dresses of desire

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Wall’s new summer collection is gorgeous.

Wall blue dressWall brown dressWall layered dressHaving noticed that clothing company Wall are following me on Twitter, I paid a visit to their website, where I haven’t been for a while.

Oh boy, it make me wish I had a pocket full of cash. Just look at these frocks. I would give my eye teeth for this green one. Green Wall dressAlong with the cracking colour, note the 40s-babe-friendly details on all these garments: a nice depth of neck to break up the bustline, a bodice design that allows you to wear a bra without it showing, a touch of Japanese asymmetry to the hemline, a waist seam that hits right at the narrowest part of the ribcage. 

Wall clothes are not cheap, but they are an investment because they are all about design, not fashion – they are clothes you can buy and wear for the rest of your life. Made from exquisite fabrics such as pima cotton, finely woven linen and vicuna, they eschew pattern in favour of texture and cut, gently skimming over the body.

Given my druthers, I’d buy a Wall piece every year, like a Shirin Guild or an Issey Miyake, and build up a wardrobe bit by bit. 


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