Fleece tights – not just for clubbers

Fleece-lined tights or leggings are a fab invention if you suffer from cold legs in winter.

Fleece TightsA word to the wise – one thing worth popping in your shopping trolley this winter is fleece-lined tights.

These are now worn by all the girlies after they go clubbing, so they may not be on your radar unless your kids have bought some.

They look like a heavyweight 60-denier type tight, but are much warmer, with a poly outside and a cotton inside. They come in ‘footed’, stirrup and footless designs – the latter being very handy for slipping on under your micromini on the way home from the club, but they’re equally handy, I find, for under your jeans or – in my case – your thick wool ski pants. They are true tights, not leggings, and give you a very clean line under dresses and skirts too. 

I ordered mine from Ebay, direct from Hong Kong, and they’re brilliant. Very stretchy, they also act as control tights, giving you a smooth silhouette, and other than being a tad tight in the upper thigh until washed, they’re wonderful – well worth their £6 a pair and free shipping. 

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