The future’s bright – in fact, it’s orange

As winter approached, I felt a need to inject some colour into my black and brown wardrobe.

green suede bootsOne day soon, I’ll finish this blog…

As anyone who readz this blog may notice, I’ve been away for a while. In fact, it has been so long since I blogged that I’d actually forgotten my password when I came to log in a couple of months ago, when I first began writing this piece.

There were many reasons for not blogging, the main one being lack of time due to a serious work schedule, and the secondary one being a computer that died on me (a new pooter was required, which I now have). In fact, took me nearly two months to finish just this blog, as I kept getting interrupted by – oh dear – WORK. Thank God for it. The third reason is that my internet connection went down and a month later, I’m still on a temporary setup waiting for it to be fixed. One way or another, then, blogging has been very much on the back burner. 

Pink velvet coatHowever, the sudden temperature drop in November (from 25 degrees to -3 in 48 hours) made me think about clothes (and therefore about Second Cherry) as each evening for a couple of weeks, I lugged my winter things out of the wardrobe, tried them on and gave up in despair.

Why oh why, was everything I owned either brown or black, I wondered? I mean, I know I live a practical sort of life – more gumboots than party frocks – but there’s no need to be quite so grimly practical about everything. I am so sick of khaki and washable and lint-free and rainproof…

floral cardiBack in the summer, I had a bit of a sea change and began to dress more like a girl, in strappy linen dresses, which was very nice. Several of them were floral, which was a new thing for me, and I wore them mainly with floral haoris – short kimono that come to hip length and are very loose and feminine. It was a style that gleaned a LOT of compliments, which gave me food for thought as the approaching menopause robs me of whatever girlish charms I once possessed (and there weren’t that many to start with). These clothes were also much brighter than my normal beige and pale blue summer colourway, and I liked how cheerful that made me feel. 

So, I decided to go much bolder with colour this winter as well. To my usual winter palette of black, grey, brown and camel, I’ve added orange, red, green and pink with the intention of cheering myself up in Normandy’s dull, grey weather. I focused mainly on long, thick cardigans like the Laura Ashley one above (I have enough sweaters to last a lifetime) and also on coats because it’s fabulous on a filthy winter day to step out in something that zings. 

First up was a blue leather 1960s coat, closely followed by magenta coats in shocking pink (one mohair, one velvet). I also bought some turquoise suede boots and Aquascutum tweed coats in red, emerald green and blue (this is all, needless to say, off Ebay of course). Courtesy of Wetherall came a bright yellow duffle-weight wool, reversible to cream (99p), while from the US came a neon-bright orange coat that literally draws ‘wow’s of admiration when I wear it. I also got a pink and brown tweed coat from Next, a fabulously thick cream mohair coat from the 50s and thick wool cardigans in pink, magenta, electric blue and jade.

When the rain’s tipping down and there are only five daylight hours a day, striding out in my new black silk coat with multicoloured stripes in silver, blue, red and pink, or my glowing red Jaegar wool swing coat should help to put some pep in my step. After all, in a very yin season, we all need a bit of yang. 



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