Up, up and away

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So, a chignon is the latest fashion? Nice of fashion to catch up with me…

It was something of a shock to find that – in one way, at least – I’m suddenly fashionable. All this summer I’ve been wearing an updo.

A late-50s, early-60s-look updo is apparently the coming thing, according to the Guardian. The popularity of Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks, of the hourglass figure, is (as usual) cited as one reason for the trend. 

updo with kimonoAll balls, of course. Personally I’ve been wearing my hair up because it’s been BLOODY HOT all summer, in case no-one’s noticed. Also, because I’ve largely eschewed western clothing in favour of kimono, an updo is easier to wear without looking like the Madwoman of Montcocher. 

I must admit, though, to being pleased that my new hairdresser persuaded me to the little wispy bits around my face when I had my hair done a while back. She spent ages on my natural-looking streaks, and how they matched the cut and no matter what I do with it – up, down, ponytail, bun – it always looks like I’m having a Really Good Hair Day. 

pony tailThis is just as well as, I am not, it must be admitted, a high-maintenance kind of gal when it comes to hair.  I loathe using products and drying it upside down is about as far as I’ll go in terms of faffing about with it. I wash it twice a week, and on a daily basis, all it gets is a brush (if it’s lucky) before being scragged into a scrunchie and left until bedtime. I doubt that my bollocks-to-it approach is quite what the ‘artistic director’ at Trevor Sorbie had in mind with his doughnuts and hairspray.

At the moment, come to think of it, I don’t even have a hairdryer, as my old one began emitting sparks and has been pensioned off as bellows for the kitchen woodburner. 

Oh la. It is time for a trim, though, and the DH, who hasn’t had a haircut in over a year, is beginning to look increasingly like Beethoven, so maybe it’s time I booked us a double appointment. 



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