Tiger Woods to divorce

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Woods and wife to divorce in $100m settlement.

So, Tiger Woods and his wife are to divorce.

Well, no surprise there, then. There’s only so much humiliation a woman can take, and given that she’s still young and pretty, and the settlement will be huge, she’ll probably have a pretty good future in front of her, unlike the average sad, jaded, shat-on politician’s wife. If he does indeed pay her $100 million, that’s an awful lot of money for each illicit shag. They part on good terms, apparently, and will share the parenting.

Personally, I wouldn’t want the man near my kids either, but that’s her affair. Woods’ texts were frankly unpleasant and show a violent personality – one can only be glad that the man is successful, as if he wasn’t, he strikes me as possibly dangerous. But certainly I can’t look at him the same way again. 

It is always a shame when your idols turn out to have feet of clay. I was quite a fan of Woods, who is a great golfer, and who always seemed polite and articulate. But his dark secrets are a tad too dark for me, I must admit. Infidelity is one thing, violence against women is quite another.

Having had personal experience of marital violence in my own family, I find that my reaction when he appears on television these days is to simply switch over, or at least to mute or leave the room until he’s gone away.


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