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A few make-up tips for those of us who wear specs.

Found a nice little article online the other day about makeup and glasses.

For those who want to read the original, in French, it’s here. For those who prefer the translation:

Makeup for myopia (short sight)

Rule number 1: accentuate your eyes.

Choose matt eyeshadows and neutral colours (beige, champagne, rose or chestnut) and apply shadow to the entire upper eyelid. Trace a line of dark crayon round the outer part of your lower eyelid, and/or a line of white crayon on the inside of your lower eyelid. Use black mascara that both lengthens and curls.

Makeup for presbyopia and hypermetropia (long sight)

Rule number one: downplay your eyes.

Choose sombre, matt eyeshadows and apply on the rim of the eyelashes on your upper eyelid only, then apply a darker shade on the rest of the eyelid. Draw a line of eye-liner from the corner of your eye on the upper lid, then a line of khol on the inner lower eyelid to make your eyes look smaller. Use mascara discreetly and don’t forget to conceal any dark shadows under your eyes, because the lenses accentuate them. 

Makeup for progressive lenses

Rule number one: accentuate the upper part of the eye.

Choose brightly coloured eyeshadows. Trace a line of eye-liner along the edge of the upper eyelid to reinforce the lashline. Make up your upper eyelashes with a volumising mascara. 

Make the most of your eyebrows

Whatever type of lenses you wear, take good care to pluck your eyebrows because wearing glasses makes your brows more noticeable. Above all, don’t let shaggy eyebrows make your face look heavy.



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