Yet more bad Photoshopping

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British actress Gillian Taylforth has either got very odd proportions…

Gillian TaylforthPhotoshop strikes again, this time on the person of Gillian Taylforth.

Taylforth, 54, whom most Brits know from a string of telly such as EastEnders and The Bill, has dumped her partner of many years (and about time too) and wanted to show off her sparky new body for the cameras

All this strikes me as a bit sad, really – the kind of thing you did at 17 when your boyfriend finished with you and you tried to get your own back on him by turning up at the disco in hot pants, but it’s her prerogative I suppose, for all that it makes me long for some actress like Bette Davis or Garbo, who knew how to maintain a bit of mystery instead of trying to look like a pole dancer. 

Taylforth hipBut why all the bloody Photoshopping? I mean, look at that non-curve on the right-hand hip. NO-ONE LOOKS LIKE THIS!!! As my husband, who is a professional photographer and Photoshop expert, pointed out, her panties stick out further than her skin – a telltale indication of Photoshopping. Also, if you imagine turning her body to face you, her shoulders would be wider than her hips to an almost chimpanzee-like degree.

Taylforth legHer arms seems curiously thin, too, and the legs appear to have been trimmed down – note again on the right-hand side, where the back of the thigh curves inwards in a very peculiar way, as if she had no hamstrings.

When dressed, Taylforth looks pretty spectacular – but then she’s probably undergone a more normal level of Photoshopping simply to remove red-eye, red face etc. It seems a shame after all the woman’s efforts to lose weight and shape up – something she’s clearly proud of – that the powers that be still weren’t satisfied. 


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