Queen hosts fashion glitterati

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Sad to see that the fashionistas are mostly so badly dressed.

A little article here from that filth rag The Daily Mail, on the Queen’s reception to celebrate British Fashion at Buck House.

Like one or two commentators, I couldn’t help noticing how badly dressed nearly everyone is (except Queenie, of course, who just looks like herself). The dress worn by Alice Temperley is really quite terrible, and I normally like her stuff. And Yasmin le Bon’s bare legs are crying out for some decent leg makeup – a mistake often made by women in public life, as the minute that camera flash hits you, most people’s legs look shiny and naked.

David Bailey looks like he’s just slept in a dumpster, bless him, but then he always has – the sign of a true ‘smudger’. 

At least Twigs did us girls over 40 proud, and shows the benefits to a wardrobe of a: sleeves and b: a decent pair of high-denier tights. And Erin O-Connor’s outfit is something she could wear for the rest of her life too – plain black pants, comfy flats, a soft blouse, a soft, monochrome colourway.

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