Evening t-shirts

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Jess Carter-Morley reviews the latest evening tees.

There’s a Guardian article here on evening T-shirts.

Bless Jess Carter-Morley. She’s a good fashion commentator, but the problem with young uns is they will go around thinking that everything’s NEW.

The evening t-shirt is not a new concept – right through the 1980s and 1990s they were produced – simple t-shirt shapes in silk, satin, lace, etc. I have at least half a dozen in my wardrobe dating back many a long year, mostly in black lame, peach satin, silver sequins and other useful colours. Eventually I started making them myself to save money. 

Still, they’re a useful thing in your wardrobe, for anyone who wants to dress up without dressing up, and this is a good little look at new ones that are available right now.

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