Another Photoshop disaster

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Demi Moore is anatomically very strange, if these pictures are to be believed.

demiI just came across another ghastly example of Photoshopping. Forgive me, as it’s very old news now, but just look at this pic of Demi Moore on the cover of W.

As usual, the eye can be deceived into thinking that this isn’t too bad until you look closely. Moore is very tall, very thin and very sleek in this image, but look again at her left hip (ie: her right hip as we’re looking at it) and track up from her thigh.

demicropThe hip appears to have been moved in about an inch, unless her hips join her legs in a very peculiar manner. 

Look again and it’s quite clear that one hip is considerably narrower than the other – the idiot photoshopper hasn’t even bothered to level up both hips. 

Anyone who thinks this kind of thing isn’t damaging young girls and their body image should meet my young friend E, who is 11. I sat with her a couple of nights ago and went through some Photoshopping techniques to show her what is now routinely done to reshape models in a way that is anatomically impossible and universally, she pronounced the ‘before’ images ‘ugly’. 

Understand? To this 11 year old, normal, beautiful women are ‘ugly’ unless every sign of humanity is actually removed. This is a cruel trick to play on an impressionable mind and it’s being played on every young girl in the west as they stand on the brink of womanhood, trying to find their place.

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