A chemical cocktail on our skins

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The average UK woman wears 500 different chemicals every day.

There’s an interesting article here on chemicals in make-up and toiletries.

It suggests that the average woman wears about 500 chemicals on herself daily and gives some tips on the worst ones, which you should avoid if you can.

Personally, I’ve tried to eliminate additives – especially parabens – from my purchases by buying organic products (the problem is, people keep giving me freebies…), but it is very hard to eliminate chemicals altogether, even with the best intentions. 

My new sunblock, for instance, is under dermatologist’s orders because I am a Type 1 phenotype (blonde, blue eyes, pale skin with freckles) and have already had several dodgy moles removed. It contains three or four different parabens, something which I had actually managed to eliminate from my skincream by switching to coconut oil, and I have been ordered to wear it for the rest of my life, March to October. Parabens are in almost all sunblocks in order to act as a preservative. 

The other thing that is hard to find without masses of chemicals is shampoo (and conditioner).  My shampoo and conditioner alone account for 44 different additives, including three parabens.

Any ideas, anyone? Is there an organic alternative out there? 

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