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Damart has a range of supports for keeping your back warm in winter.

Damart back supportOne of my readers – London Rose – wrote to say how invaluable she’d found the angora ‘chauffe-reins’ back warmer from Lidl that I featured back in November.

With the snow firing itself horizontally at this house today, then, and spring feeling very far away, I thought I’d mention a few more I’ve found, since winter clearly isn’t over yet. 

Damart sells a range of supports that double as back warmers. I can’t vouch for them, as I haven’t tried them, but I do know that their other products are good, so they might be worth a punt. They are much more expensive than the Lidl product, but possibly less bulky to wear, and don’t contain angora. 

Black back supportThey are all listed as Supports, under Warmth Accessories in the Thermals section. The jacquard one at top left is £32, lined in Damart’s own-brand Thermolactyl and has a velcro fastener. It comes in a range of sizes so you can get a close fit, and the jacquard design looks like it wouldn’t seem too naff if someone accidentally glimpsed it when you raised your arms.

The black ‘walking belt’ is £40 and is specifically designed to keep your back warm when you’re out and about, gardening, rambling, etc. It’s made from a Thermolactyl wicking fabric and fastens with Velcro, making it very adjustable, but it’s a true support, with four rigid bones in it. Useful if you suffer from an aching back as well as a cold one.

Damart pull-onThe unisex pull-on belt is the cheapest at only £19 and is again made from Thermolactyl. It comes in two depths and three colours – skin, navy or white. The navy probably looks the least medical of the three.

All the supports have lycra in for a snug fit, and look as if they would hold you in a bit, which might be no bad thing after too much Christmas pudding. 


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