Ten top lingerie tips

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If you’re a male buying lingerie for a female for Valentine’s, here’s some food for thought.

lingerieFollowing on from my pre-Christmas blog on buying lingerie for your girlfriend, a male reader recently asked if I had any further advice for Valentine’s Day.

The original tips were:

* Look in your partner’s underwear drawer to get an idea of what colour she normally wears.

* Think about what style she – as opposed to you – likes.

* Think about her skin tone. 

* Know her size.

And here, after a bit of a think, are 10 more tips.

* 1 Buy something else instead. Lingerie is a very personal thing and most women have two sorts: everyday stretch stuff in black, white and flesh colour, and sexy stuff. If you buy her the former, she’ll think it’s boring, and if you buy her the latter, you’re telling her how to express her sexuality, which is a no-no.  Instead, get her a beautiful nightgown or dressing gown or scarf, or chocolates, or dinner out, perfume etc. (And if you get perfume, don’t get her what your ex used to wear just because you liked it). 

* 2 Never, never, never buy a woman shapewear of any kind unless she specifically asks for it. 

black print lingerie* 3 Camisoles and slips are nearly foolproof and so are nighties (except baby dolls) – most women will appreciate a pretty camisole, a slip or a nightie with a matching negligee. Unless it’s see-through – in which case, you’ve boobed again. All of the slips shown on this page are from Figleaves and are sexy without being sleazy. Buying this kind of clothing also mean you don’t have to worry so much about bra size or degree of push-up – she wears the same size in a slip or nightie as she does in a dress.

* 4 Buy silk lingerie. Many women don’t treat themselves to this kind of luxury.

* 5 Listen to her. Does she complain that thongs cut her in half? Does she complain that lace itches? Not much point in buying her a lacy thong then, is there?

pink lingerie* 6 Buy her a voucher to spend at Figleaves, Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur or somesuch. The thought really counts, and you’re not telling her what to get. If their prices make you wince, try British Home Stores – it has a fantastic lingerie department.

* 7 Leave lingerie advertising lying around and see what she says. Or, gazing at an Aubade ad, say whether you like it and see what her reaction is. PS: don’t try this trick with Playboy…

* 8 Note what she wears on her top half, especially colour and transparency. There’s no point at all in buying a coloured bra for a woman who lives in white blouses. 

* 9 Buy something she can wear outside the bedroom. If she can’t, it’s really a present for you…

* 10 Take it down a notch. If you like her in red, buy rose pink. If you like her in black, buy silver grey.  If you like see-through, buy something with lots of lace. Above all, buy a print – hookers don’t wear prints.

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