More snow!

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Well, they said snow. What they didn’t say was 70kmph winds, blizzards and six inches of the white stuff.

Trust me to open my big mouth yesterday. What did I say about the snow?

16cm of the stuff fell in the night – that’s six inches in old money. 6.3 to be precise. Not Washington or Baltimore, admittedly, but enough to bring the place to a standstill. We are once again in a white, white world. 

I went out for a walk in it just now, which was very hard going. There is, strangely, not a single animal track in the snow today – perhaps it’s so deep they daren’t venture out. Consequently I’ve given the birds a double helping of grub, plus lots of warm water, and put out vegetable peelings for the deer, if they should stray by. 

When the snow fell back in December, I didn’t really get out in it much because I couldn’t get my wellies on after my foot ops. So it was nice to benefit from it today – bitter NE wind and all. It is incredibly bright and sunny, with an alpine blue sky, so once into my kit I was as warm as toast. In case you’re wondering, this is:

Cycling thermals, ski gloves, angora back-warmer and thermal socks from Lidl

Cashmere poloneck

Down jacket

Skiing trousers and microfibre balaclava from a local sports shop

Neoprene-lined wellies by Aigle

Guy Cotton yachtsman’s jacket

Pull-on hat with brim. 

OK, I look two feet tall, but who cares? I could throw myself down and make snow angels without even feeling it.

The poor dog had to stop every five minutes to pull snowballs off his ankles, and every so often would disappear into a ditch, only his nose visible, but he’s had a great time charging around. 

Once back in, I have again togged up: angora long-johns, silk vest, CC41 thermal t-shirt, cashmere polo, Shetland gilet, cashmere cardigan, merino trousers, thermal socks, Ugg boots, woolly hat and fingerless gloves. I seem to be wearing a small flock of sheep all to myself. 

Oh la, enjoy it while it lasts, I suppose – thank heavens I got in two weeks’ shopping on Monday….


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