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A little bit of Photoshopping does all of us good…

Hollywood TrishThere’s a little bit inside all of us that wants to look glamorous.

As any of my friends could testify, I actually look nothing like the pictures of me on this blog. These photos are the result of a ‘Hollywood’ photo session the DH and I played around with a couple of years ago. In real life I don’t lie around on fox furs and pearls and I too have spots, freckles, wrinkles and all the rest of the issues that face most women.

But I’m also lucky enough to be married to Steve – who knows his way around Photoshop. 

Having been hugely impressed by his various photos of me that were pinned up around the room at our Black and White party, some of my girlfriends expressed a wish to be ‘done’ in the same way. So on Saturday we had a girls night in and two of them duly posed (while the rest of them stood around and made comments, naturally). 

Hollywood MikkiFirst up was Mikki, and here she is, thoroughly glamour-pussed. I did my bit with make-up and clothes (she’s wearing a full ‘Marilyn’ makeup and swathed in metallic organza – not that you can tell), but the DH did the rest – the cleverest thing is that he’s made her hair longer.

As Mikki – mum to a 12-year-old daughter and who stomps around in DMs – would be the first to admit, she doesn’t look like this every day, but this is how she’d like to look, and now she’s got a fabulous photo to show her future grandchildren. 

AlexSecond to give it a try was Alex, swathed in 1930s furs and looking phenomenally elegant – a big change from her usual wellies and jeans as she pulls baby lambs out of her pet sheep. 

The rest of the girls wimped out on the night – convinced, I think, that they are beyond repair, though I suspect they may change their minds once they see the pictures. 

In real life, of course, both girls looked more drag queen than diva. The thick, matt makeup required to stand up to the photographic lights is unpleasant to wear, and the eye makeup is black and white in order to gain maximum contrast. When I did it, I was itching to get it off my face afterwards but I hear that Alex decided to keep hers overnight and went to bed in full slap, hoping some of it would still be there the next day.



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