Come back to where you started

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In this house, I can only hope that what goes around comes around.

The Guardian has outlined next season’s fashions for men.

Fat chance in this house. Except maybe the flying jacket. The DH was wearing a Schott flying jacket when I met him in 1990 (covered in patches – how very low rent, apparently) and although that was stolen some years ago, he replaced it eventually and remains very attached to it. With its zip-out thermal lining, it’s a tough and practical garment.

Somehow, though, I don’t see him wearing a 50s quiff, a Roland Mouret or his shirt tails below his trousers, as he basically remains firmly locked in the 1980s, with pleated pants, baggy shirts and lots of volume in everything (entailing, usually, buying everything three sizes too big).

This, as you might guess, means that buying clothes for him has become rather difficult in the past 15 years, as fashion’s silhouette has narrowed. Little v-necks in t-shirts? Not a chance – they look ‘gay’. Flat-front trousers? They look ’70s’ (there is, from the DH, no greater insult than this). Mind you, it took him until about 1987 to give up his tight-fitting clothes of the 1970s – he is not what you’d call an early adopter. 

Oh la. Well, what goes around comes around, I suppose, and at this rate, it could be the case that very soon he’ll be back in fashion without having moved from where he started.

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