Cabin fever

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We’ve been hampered by the snow for the best part of a month now – it’s getting a little irritating.

snowI must now confess to being somewhat fed-up with the weather.

We’ve been snowed in now for most of the time since December 13, only able to make odd forays to the (curiously empty) supermarkets, then sliding back down our snowy/icy hill (see pic) and lugging in the shopping from the gate because we literally dare not drive into the courtyard.

Friends have become phone and email entities (when we haven’t lost web access, that is, like we did all this weekend) and there is not a sound of a car or a tractor to be heard. 

Here in mixed-farming country, there is little need for the farmers to drive their tractors on the snow-covered roads unless they have cattle to feed. The pigs and fowl are safely in their heated sheds, the winter wheat and oats are safely in the ground, and everything else won’t be planted until spring. In fact, in this clayey country, the farmers are probably rubbing their hands at how the winter weather is doing their sod-busting for them. 

The main roads around us have been cleared by the councils, but the smaller roads remain untouched and lethally slippery, with more snow and freezing rain on the way. Today, therefore, we ventured out and stocked up for another good two weeks, as we just don’t know if and when we’ll get out again. The supermarket carpark was an ice rink and we’ve had one fatality up the lane where an old man slipped and cracked his head on the ice. 

Still, the enforced solitude and the inability to get on with the garden have finally spurred me to do some ‘sorting’ out and clothing repairs. I sat down last night to darn a cashmere sweater that had ripped in the armscye and found 10 small holes in it, mostly courtesy of the cats, and finally plugged them all up.

Darning was one of those things my grandad taught me to do and it’s stood me in good stead over the years – I can still see him now, in his old people’s bungalow, patiently darning his socks over a darning mushroom.

Oh well, off to light the woodburner, and as I type down comes the snow again, this time near-horizontal, driven by an easterly wind. The activities of daily living certainly do seem to take up an inordinate amount of time in winter….

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