Before and after – Nicolette Sheridan

Number one in our new series on what Photoshop can do for you is Nicollette Sheridan.

BeforeAfterI have been tracking down some retouched pictures, mainly of celebs, to make us all feel better in the New Year.

It pays to remember, when you’re gazing at your bloodhound face in the mirror, that the beautiful people are not only beautiful because of good bone structure or fine eyes, but because of stylists, professional makeup artists, haidressers, professional pressers, control underwear, great lighting and photography.

Above and beyond these things, however, there is the magic of post-processing in Photoshop to achieve a flawless look in photographs.

In all portrait photography, there is a necessary degree of retouching because the camera does indeed lie. Photographic lighting punches through most makeup, and tired, red eyes and spots show up more in photos than in real life. 

In this photo of Sheridan, however, you can see how the photoshopper has also removed her dark circles, lines around the mouth and slight skin creping on the neck, brightened her eyes, smoothed out her hands and given her skin and hair a smooth golden glow. 

The result is wonderfully glamourous, but we all need to remember, it’s just not real – it’s now a painting, not a likeness. 


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