Before and after – Cameron Diaz

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Even Cameron Diaz gets photoshopped in magazine pictures.

cameron diazcameron diazIn the second of this occasional series on retouching, let’s take a look at Cameron Diaz.

Diaz is a remarkably beautiful woman – she was a leading model before she was a leading actress – but it’s clearly still not good enough for some magazine editors. 

Above you can see some classic photoshopping – in the ‘after’ picture on the right, her complexion’s been evened out, her eyes made super-white like an alien, lips highlighted and her whole face and hair lightened and brightened. 

cameron hipscameron hips afterLeft, you can see her hips, from the same shot. Again, in the ‘after’ picture (on the right) the skintone has been evened out, and the shadow under the external oblique muscle has been lightened, giving her a smoother, more ‘feminine’ belly (the opposite would probably have been done if she’d been a man). A sliver of flesh has also been removed from the right hip. 

When even one of the most beautiful women in the world doesn’t cut the mustard, what hope for the rest of us?

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