Get it while the getting’s good

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Lace is one of those trends that favour older women – get it while it’s hot.

lace shrugLace is another big trend this season, so while it’s available, I suggest that we birds over 40 snap it up. By lace, I mean lace garments, or at least garment sections such as tops and sleeves, not just a bit of trim here and there.

Lace, like chiffon and organza, hides a multitude of sins, gliding nicely over lumps and bumps, and gives a hint of nudity without actually revealing anything. It is a great way to ring the changes in a little black dress, or over a camisole or vest top, or top off a summer sleeveless dress.

lace dressThe kind of lace that works best on grown-up girls is boldly patterned and in a neutral colour: black, pewter, white, cream, silver, gold, taupe, brown. A little scarlet might also work well, if this is a colour that looks good on you, but leave the pinks and blues for the teenagers. I would also leave out extraneous details, such as collars, cuffs, plackets, shoulder pads and pockets. All of these require the lace to be either doubled up or lined, losing the transparency – this only works well when one colour is entirely lined with another, as in the dress shown at right. 

lace topped dressBig hits this year include plain black dresses with a lace top and sleeves (shades of 1991, if memory serves – I had a dress exactly like this nicked from my workplace while I was at lunch). If you can find a dress long enough, good luck – otherwise, chop the bottom off and wear it as a top with a separate skirt.

About the most useful garment would be a shrug or a blouse, and watch out for the weight. Whole garments made entirely of heavyweight, guipure-type lace tend to add bulk, and in white or cream would be positively bridal, so be extra careful and use a dark colour.

lace blazerBiggest seller of the season is apparently this lace blazer from Warehouse. A little too busy for my liking, with those pockets and the lapels. I would keep this line cleaner – and it looks better in grey than in black, for some reason. Personally, I think the satin-bound shrug is a better bet. 

All the above clothing is from Asos.

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