How to do draping

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Draping is one of this autumn and winter’s trends.

Jess Carter-Morley’s video in today’s Guardian on how to do draping is a nice little piece.

Importantly she points out that draped clothes have little appeal on the hanger. You really need to see them on yourself, or on a shop dummy to get the idea of how the fabric falls. 

Draping can be a useful way to cover up a few lumps and bumps, and for foolproof results I’d advise:

Keep it matt. 

Keep it block-coloured, not patterned. 

Keep it dark. 

Keep it thin – smooth, fluid fabric that doesn’t create bulk. Good fabrics to choose include crepe silks and poly-mixes, and viscose jersey. 

Draping, importantly, is something only really seen in women’s clothes, so it is inherently feminine. Not since ancient times have men wore draped clothes, such as the toga – tailoring, after all, is the male gift to fashion – so this is a nice opportunity to femme up this winter.




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