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An impromptu clothes swap has left all of us girls feeling a lot – well, girlier.

I was pleased to pick up some new clothes recently – well, new to me anyway.

The economy being what it is and the exchange rate being so dire, Brits are now leaving France and heading back to Blighty in droves, in the hopes of avoiding destitution. And since they leave many of their things behind, this sometimes proves rich pickings for the rest of us, especially when the lady involved was a clothes-a-holic who, it seems, rarely wore anything she bought. 

It was a week ago that I got the call to the bourse (French for clothes-swap) and oh what fun it was to meet up with a bunch of women and just riffle through some things and come home with a new wardrobe. 

I dropped off a bunch of stuff from the last bourse, and picked up a couple of handbags (a good thing, as my daily one is over 10 years old now); several pairs of trousers; jumpers and cardigans, including a cashmere and a merino; a sweet little white blouse; a long velvet skirt; and several coats and jackets. 16 items in all, which feels terribly extravagant. Now I need to find 16 things from my existing wardrobe that I can throw out, as that is (meant to be…) the scheme.

It made such a lovely change, though, to get something I didn’t actually NEED. It is like exercising a disused ‘girl’ muscle.

This year, I have – of course – bought clothes, but my only purchases have been so horrendously practical they’ve hardly thrilled me with expectation: thermal underwear for hiking; angora long johns; an angora back-warmer (fabulous thing, by the way – keeps your kidneys beautifully snug when your t-shirt doesn’t quite meet your jeans); woolly tights; Uggs; socks and knickers; fleeces; beanies. All of it necessary – or at least ‘worthy’ – especially the Uggs. But there is nothing more dull and irritating than having to be practical ALL the time. 

Having a few new things seems to have given me a spending bug and what do you know next, but I’d gone and bought myself a new cardigan too? Grey merino with covered buttons, Ebay BNWOT. When will the madness end?

Well, quite soon is the truth, as it must. But at least I can look forward to our next bourse in the new year. 

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