Economy tips from Janet Street-Porter

I’d hazard a guess that its a long time since Toothy had to count her pennies, but some of her tips are actually pretty sensible.

Janet Street Porter – never one not to capitalise on a trend – has got a new book out, about how to be a ‘frugalista’.

I try not to get too snippy about this kind of thing, being the genuine article myself. But I do tend get the hump when rich people slum it to tell poor people how to spend their money. However, this article has some excerpts from the book and some of the advice is very sensible. 

As for trimming up a frock to go to the ball, Cinderella, forget it, if saving money is what you’re trying to do. Once you’ve bought the second-hand dress and the trim, this is already more expensive than buying a cheap but well-cut new number from the low-end high street chains such as H&M, Matalan or Littlewoods. What you do get, of course, is something unique, and that’s always worth having.

If you really want to downshift – or, as I’d prefer to say, freeshift – stay tuned for details of my forthcoming book. If you want to make sure you hear about the announcement, sign up for email alerts using the form on the right ("Subscribe by email’). 


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