A twinge of desire

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It’s not often that I’m overcome with lust for a garment, but it happened to me last week.

Last week I had one of my rare twinges of desire about clothing.

It doesn’t happen often these days. Since I weaned myself off the habit of shopping and onto only buying new things to a: replace dead ones or b: to fill a serious wardrobe gap, I’m not much troubled by unfulfilled desire when it comes to clothes.

The thing I discovered some years ago was that hunger of any kind, if you don’t indulge it, simply goes away. 

What tripped me up was being on Ebay. I can’t even remember why I was there now, but ‘just to look’ I foolishly decided to search on the words ‘long wool cardigan’ and up came solid gold. A blonde-coloured, mohair, very long, belted, Nicole Farhi wrap cardigan coat. 

It was gorgeous. It was the right length. It was the right colour. It was the right fabric. Lord, it was even useful. But it wasn’t the right price. It was only £30, but that’s three months spending allowance for me.

Three months without books – my heart just sank. My monthly book is something I long for by mid-month (by which time I’ve usually finished both the new one and the DH’s new one).

£30 for a Nicole Farhi cardigan coat is naff all – I do know this. And it would have been useful too. And beautiful. The trouble is, I just can’t justify it. £30 would buy me half a dozen books. It would buy an ornamental tree for the garden; three shrubs; a meal out for the two of us. 

Also, due to having used my overdraft to pay off and close my last credit card, I am still overdrawn, and not until the new year will I have any prospect of being in the black. While I am in the red, I am firmly decided, there can be NO unecessary spending. Books are necessary to my happiness. Clothes, however beautiful, simply aren’t. This cardigan coat, lovely though it was, though I would have worn it a thousand times, would not have fulfilled a role that nothing else can. The truth is, I already have two cardis quite like it. 

Oh la. Luckily, someone else stepped in and put me out of my misery by bidding, and I was able, regretfully, to walk away. 

So, I’m now off to dye a couple of jumpers. I may not be able to justify new clothes, but reworking old ones is something else. By the end of today, I will have ‘something new’, or at least as good as.

And, since it’s November 1, Amazon marketplace here we come….

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