Easy ways to reduce your fashion footprint

Check out this video for how to throw away your clothes sensibly.

There is a great video on the Guardian site that I urge you all to watch. It’s about how to chuck out your unwanted clothes PROPERLY so that they don’t end up in landfill.

As the presenter points out, women are the worst culprits by far when it comes to owning (and then having to throw away) useless garments. But even if you give your old clothes to charity, their usefulness varies. 

Good stuff

1 Denim. Any size, style or colour – this will find a home on the backs or the legs of workers in the third world. Denim is tough stuff, with years of life left in it long after its fashion possibilities have faded. 

2 Tights. Their Lycra content makes them invaluable as bandages in countries like Ethiopia. Send to:

Ethiopia Tights Appeal Tightsplease

2nd Floor, Albion Court

18-20 Frederick Street

Hockley, Birmingham

B1 3HE

3 Bras. British bras are well-made and engineered. Even when broken, they’re valuable. But the presenter says you may need to educate charity shops as to their usefulness.

4 Towels. Animal charities can always use old towels, no matter how faded and threadbare. Personally, I use up my old, and other people’s old, towels for the dog. 




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