Winter knits

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Winter will be upon us sooner than anyone wants to admit.

Celtic cashmereI started this article back in September when there was a sudden snap in the air and it felt that autumn would soon be knocking at the door.

Cue then a heatwave – or at least an Indian summer – through most of October, and only now does it seem appropriate again to talk about winter knits. I always feel that you really know it’s autumn when you pick up a wool sweater and it feels welcoming rather than too hot, and the past few days, I’ve been back into my winter uniform of thermals, cashmere polos, cord or moleskin jeans, and Uggs.

Celtic knitOne of my favourite companies for winter clothes is the Celtic Clothing Company. If you like Ugg boots, the Celt boot is the best variety by far, with a heavy sole that doesn’t leave you slipping about as it wears down. I bought my first pair of these in Truro, 14 years ago, and they lasted me until the dog ate them.

Celtic batwingKnitwear is the winter clothing staple of choice, for its welcoming, cuddly quality. If you want to be really warm, you can’t beat proper wool knitwear, and CCC knitwear is to die for, in shades of grey, taupe, beige and black. There are Donegal tweeds, cashmere, cable knits and arrans of all descriptions – I could spend the rest of my life in these clothes.

Celtic pixieThe wonderful cableknit cashmere cardi at top left (this picture could almost be me, by the way – identical to how I dress in winter) has only one drawback and that’s the price of £765. If your budget doesn’t stretch to that (and whose does?), more modestly priced is this ‘pixie’ cardigan (right) at £195, or a range of merino items averaging at £69. Long, warm, useful, with hoods, pockets etc. When you buy quality, you once wince once, and I must say I’ve never thrown away a merino item – they are worth the investment. 

If your lifestyle doesn’t call for country clothing, Next also has a new knitwear range out for winter, which I can’t show you because their pix don’t download. But it is more fashionable, much thinner, and includes some useful-looking dresses that will go over polonecks or a shirt collar in the average office, then can be dressed up for dinner or a date. 



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