Another con foisted on gullible women

The Oralift is meant to haul up the lower part of your face – which frankly is the least it should do for the price….

Found this daft piece on another con destined to gull women out of their hard-earned cash – the Oralift.

Correctly identified, I see, by many dentist commentators as nothing more than a device that stops you grinding your teeth in your sleep, it’s now being sold as a kind of mini facelift. 

Well, with many women being just as daft as the writer, the maker will probably make millions. 

"At the age of 46, I’ve done a lot to try to turn back the clock on my looks," says the author. "I’ve been Botoxed, filled and lasered, had my skin peeled and had painful light treatments."

Clearly more money than sense, then. Admittedly, she looks pretty good for her age in that peeled, smooth way that is considered desirable for women, right until the time they start to speak, at which point it becomes apparent that their face doesn’t actually move any more.

Personally, I haven’t had any of those treatments – I just eat right, drink loads of water, rub coconut oil into my face twice a day and stay out of the sun. But then you never could persuade a woman that a bit of effort would make more difference than shelling out £100 on a face cream of of (hah) lamb placenta, or even £500-£2,500 on a plastic mouthguard.

Gawd help us. 



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