Yasmin le Bon reveals new clothing line

80s supermodel Yasmin le Bon has designed a new clothing line for Wallis.

Yasmin dressYasmin le Bon, 80s supermodel and wife of Simon le Bon, has designed a new clothing line for Wallis, called YLB.

Le Bon, now 44, was one of the original coterie of supermodels that included Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell and Tatjana Patitz.  Of the five, le Bon was the most elegant, haughty, upper-class looking one.

Nevertheless, despite the fame, the money, the popstar husband and the three children, she admits to a mid-life crisis of confidence that the new clothing line has helped to dispel. 

I haven’t seen much of the collection, but it seems pretty elegant and timeless, though possibly not for those of us who carry the odd surplus pound. "Covering up can be a lot sexier than being uncovered," she says, "my body has changed, so feeling comfortable and confident, while accentuating the bits that are OK, is important."

Anyway, see what you think. There’s a view of some of the collections here and an interview with her here

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