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Too disgusting to look at? If this woman is fat, the fashion industry needs its head examining.

Hayley MorleySo, another weasel-thin princess has flounced off in a huff at being asked to dress a normal-sized woman.

Poor Hayley Morley. Dog rough, this girl, isn’t she? I can see men queuing up to NOT have sex with her, given that she’s an astoundingly huge size 14 and actually has bosoms. 

This is the girl who’s caused a stylist to walk off a shoot at London Fashion Week, in protest at the size of the models. Given that the exhibition was precisely to try to counter the anorexically-thin trend in today’s fashions, this strikes me as doubly bloody stupid.

If Morley, with her 34-29-41 figure and a height of 5′ 9" is considered ‘outsize’, is there any real hope of fashion designers starting to design clothes that ACTUAL women look good in? Real women, with tits that need support, women with hips and stomachs and thighs.

It would make you laugh, really, if it wasn’t so annoying. Thank heavens for Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman – no skinny-minny herself – who wrote an open letter to top designers in June this year, complaining that the clothes they were sending in for the magazine’s photo shoots were too small for the models. "We have now reached the point where many of the sample sizes don’t comfortably fit even the established star models," she said.

These are models who themselves are two sizes smaller than gross mares like Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell, who were certainly considered beautiful enough to pass muster in the 1980s. What price now for total heffalumps like Gina Lollabrigida, Sophia Loren or Marylin Monroe?

To confirm how mad it all is, what does this sound like?:

broad shoulders

naturally small to near-flat breasts

near-flat buttocks

heigh of 5′ 10′ or above

BMI of 16-18

elevated waist-to-hip ratio.

These are classic characteristics of catwalk models. Not requirements, exactly, but the closer you fit to them, the more likely you are to get work.

They are also, dear reader, classic characteristics of adolescent BOYS. 

Enough said?

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