A life of substance

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Eunice Kennedy Shriver has been laid to rest but her legacy will hopefully live on.

There is a wonderful Observer article here on Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

I must admit that until I had read it, I had little idea of quite what a sterling woman she was. 

Founder of the Special Olympics, and with a lifelong commitment to the mentally disabled, she was saved from her criminal scumbag of a father (who even had her ‘wayward’ sister lobotomised), by a good marriage to a good man – Sargeant Shriver, one of the founders of the Peace Corps. 

During her long life (88 years) she was awarded virtually every medal you can think of for her work helping children with mental retardation, including the Congressional Medal of Freedom, the Civitan International World Citizenship Award and a papal knighthood.

Anyway, read the article, and feel like an underachiever…



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