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An elegant solution to an irritating problem.

purse hookI came across these nifty little numbers the other day – handbag hooks, or as our US sisters call them, ‘purse hooks‘ or ‘purse hangers‘.

These are little hooks that allow you to hang your handbag off a table wherever you’re sitting, in order to keep them in sight and off a possibly dirty floor, and they’ll take a handbag up to 20 pounds in weight, which is just as well, considering the amount of junk I carry around in mine. They’re designed to fit most tables, including those with bevelled edges.

I thought this was a pretty solution to a small but irritating problem. My new pale blue canvas bag has already gotten filthy on the bottom, despite its corner studs, and it can be especially annoying when you ruin an evening bag by popping it down on top of a coffee spill on the floor, etc.  Keeping your bag in view on a purse hanger also means you’re less likely to forget it when you leave.

purse hook cloudpurse hook dazzlepurse hook LivI also like the fact that for such a functional item, they’ve added a bit of design pizzazz. Designs include rhinestones in a range of colours, glittery jewelled affairs for evening, or elegant or whimsical enamelled ones for daytime. A pouch is provided so you don’t lose the thing in your handbag. 

Prices range from around $10 to around $23 from Local Hardwear or US retailers. 

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