More solutions for problems we haven’t got…

Do your eyelashes need fertilising? No, mine neither…

I’ve been meaning to write about this article I read in the Guardian recently about the new eyelash fertiliser, called Latisse.

Yes, it’s finally happened – women can now buy something that makes their eyelashes grow. More solutions for problems we haven’t got. 

The product, the firm disingenously claims, is aimed at those who’ve – for instance – lost their eyelashes to chemotherapy.

While allowing that chemotherapy can indeed make your eyelashes fall out, and that this can be distressing, the situation is usually temporary. Nor, when your body is stuffed full of chemicals that CAUSE your eyelashes to fall out, are many women keen to add yet more chemicals into their systems. 

Tthe truth is, the women that this product is really aimed at are the rest of us – the general population who can’t stretch to lash extensions or never got the hang of falsies, but who with age and general raddlement do not have lashes as long and luscious as we would like (ie: just about everyone except Bambi). 

Well, this might be all well and good (God forbid any woman should actually be allowed to be happy with herself as she is for five minutes) if this product had no side effects, but it does. One of them is that is can temporarily change the colour of your eyelid skin and permanently change your eye colour. Well, I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I would be running a mile from any drug that could do any such thing. What the hell else might it be doing in your system?

The article is pretty withering about the UK’s general lackadasical attitude to beauty treatments, including fillers, Botox and all the rest – personally, I had no idea that regulations are so much more lax in the UK than in the US.  Looks like there’s one word that British women should be learning in case they need it – granuloma. Read the article and see what I mean…

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