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Many thanks for the commiserations at my MIL’s death.

Many thanks to those of you who emailed or contacted me on Facebook to commiserate at the death of my mother in law.

Last week was a miserable week – everyone who has a partner knows how little you can actually help someone when they’re bereaved. Other than ensuring that my husband ate and slept, there was not much I could do – his grief was his own and not mine. Coming hard on the heels of having to view so much suffering in a beloved animal, it is very wearing. 

These things always hit you harder than you think they will, too. Losing a parent is not like losing a grandparent. There is something very chilling, as our friend D said, about realising you’re the last penguin on the ice flo. 

Lise’s funeral will be on Thursday but we will not be going. Instead, we will play the same music and plant a tree for her here, hopefully a prunus padus coloratus – the purple bird cherry – which will live on long after all of us are gone. 


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